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Chapter 5. Single list of HOWTOs

The following Linux HOWTOs are currently available:

  • 3Dfx-HOWTO, The Linux 3Dfx HOWTO

    Updated: February 1998. Describes 3Dfx graphics accelerator chip support for Linux.

  • 4mb-Laptops, 4mb Laptop HOWTO

    Updated: April 2000. Put a "grown-up" Linux on a small-spec (4mb RAM, <=200mb hard disk) laptop.

  • Access-HOWTO, Linux Access HOWTO

    Updated: March 1997. Covers using adaptive technology to make Linux accessible to those who could not use it otherwise.

  • Acer-Laptop-HOWTO, Linux Installation on an Acer LapTop HOWTO

    Updated: January 2001. Describes the inatllation of Linux on a Acer laptop and various issues related to this.

  • Adv-Bash-Scr-HOWTO, Advanced Bash-Scripting HOWTO

    Updated: February 2001. A guide to shell scripting, using Bash.

  • Adv-Routing-HOWTO, Linux 2.4 Advanced Routing HOWTO

    Updated: October 2000. A very hands-on approach to iproute2, traffic shaping and a bit of netfilter.

  • AI-Alife-HOWTO, Linux AI & Alife HOWTO

    Updated: December 2000. Information about, and links to, various AI related software libraries, applications, etc. that work on the Linux platform.

  • Alpha-HOWTO, Brief Introduction to Alpha Systems and Processors

    Updated: June 1997. A brief overview of existing Alpha CPUs, chipsets and systems.

  • Antares-RAID-sparcLinux-HOWTO, Antares-RAID-sparcLinux-HOWTO

    Updated: April 2000. Describes how to install, configure, and maintain a hardware RAID built around the 5070 SBUS host based RAID controller by Antares Microsystems.

  • Apache-Overview-HOWTO, Apache Overview How-to

    Updated: March 2001. An overview of the Apache webserver and related projects. It provides pointers for further information and implementation details.

  • Assembly-HOWTO, Linux Assembly HOWTO

    Updated: March 2001. How to program in assembly language using FREE programming tools, focusing on development for or from the Linux Operating System on IA-32 (i386) platform.

  • Astronomy-HOWTO, Linux Astronomy HOWTO

    Updated: April 2001. Document shares tips and resources to utilize Linux solutions in the pursuit of Astronomy.

  • AX25-HOWTO, Linux AX25-HOWTO, Amateur Radio

    Updated: October 1997. How to install and configure support for the AX. 25 packet radio protocol utilized by Amateur Radio Operators worldwide.

  • Bandwidth-Limiting-HOWTO, Bandwidth Limiting HOWTO

    Updated: May 2001. Describes how to set up your Linux server to limit download bandwidth or incoming traffic, and how to use your internet link more efficiently.

  • Bash-Prog-Intro-HOWTO, BASH Programming - Introduction HOWTO

    Updated: July 2000. This article intends to help you to start programming basic-to-intermediate shell scripts.

  • Bash-Prompt-HOWTO, Bash Prompt HOWTO

    Updated: December 1999. Creating and controlling terminal and xterm prompts is discussed, including incorporating standard escape sequences to give username, current working directory, time, etc.

  • Belarusian-HOWTO, Linux Belarusian HOWTO

    Updated: February 2001. Short guide in setting up Belarusian language support in Linux console, X Window System, web-browsers, text editors, etc. Charsets described are windows-1251, iso-8859-5 and koi8-ru. Written in English.

  • Belgian-HOWTO, The Belgian HOWTO

    Updated: May 2001. How to tweak Linux for Belgian users; lists Linux user groups, businesses and other resources in Belgium.

  • Benchmarking-HOWTO, Linux Benchmarking HOWTO

    Updated: August 1997. Discusses some issues associated with the benchmarking of Linux systems and presents a basic benchmarking toolkit.

  • Beowulf-HOWTO, Beowulf HOWTO

    Updated: November 1998. Introduces the Beowulf Supercomputer architecture and provides background information on parallel programming, including links to other more specific documents.

  • Boot+Root+Raid+LILO, Boot + Root + Raid + Lilo : Software Raid mini-HOWTO

    Updated: July 2000. A cookbook for setting up root raid using the 0.90 raidtools for bootable raid mounted on root using standard LILO.

  • Bootdisk-HOWTO, The Linux Bootdisk HOWTO

    Updated: May 2001. How to design and build your own boot/root diskettes for Linux.

  • BootPrompt-HOWTO, The Linux BootPrompt HOWTO

    Updated: May 1999. A compilation of all the possible boot time arguments that can be passed to the Linux kernel at boot time. Includes all kernel and device parameters.


    Updated: January 2001. Describes how to setup a bridge with the recent kernel patches and brctl utility by Lennert Buytenhek. With developer kernel 2.3.47 the new bridging code is part of the mainstream. On 20.06.2000 there are patches for stable kernels 2.2.14 and 2.2.15. What happens if a penguin crosses a bridge?

  • Busmouse-HOWTO, The Linux Busmouse HOWTO

    Updated: February 2000. How to install, configure and use a busmouse under Linux.

  • C++Programming-HOWTO, C++ Programming HOWTO

    Updated: May 2001. Discusses methods to avoid memory problems in C++ and also will help you to program properly in C++ language. Applies to all operating sytems.

  • C-C++Beautifier-HOWTO, C-C++ Beautifier HOWTO

    Updated: April 2001. Helps you to format (beautify) C/C++ programs so that they are more readable and conform to your site coding standards. Applies to all operating sytems.

  • C-editing-with-VIM-HOWTO, C editing with VIM HOWTO

    Updated: January 2001. An introduction to editing C and other language files whose syntax is similar like C++ and Java in vi/VIM.

  • Cable-Modem, Cable Modem Providers HOWTO

    Updated: December 2000. Answers basic questions on how to connect your Linux box to cable modem or cable Internet provider.

  • CDServer-HOWTO, CDServer-HOWTO

    Updated: September 2000. Describes the steps and commands you can use to setup your own CD Server using Linux and some built-in Unix commands along with other freely available software packages.

  • CD-Writing-HOWTO, CD-Writing HOWTO

    Updated: July 2000. Explains how to write CD-ROMs under Linux.


    Updated: May 2001. How to install, configure, and use CD-ROM drives under Linux.

  • Chinese-HOWTO, Chinese HOWTO

    Updated: June 1998. Demonstrates how to implement Chinese on Linux system, including those common problems encountered while using Chinese, the ways to obtain, and shows how to install and setup a variety of different Chinese software.

  • Chroot-BIND-HOWTO, Chroot-BIND HOWTO

    Updated: February 2001. Describes installing the BIND 8 nameserver to run in a chroot jail and as a non-root user, to provide added security and minimise the potential effects of a security compromise.

  • Commercial-HOWTO, Linux Commercial HOWTO

    Updated: March 1999. A listing of commercial software and applications which are offered for Linux.

  • Compaq-Remote-Insight-Board-HOWTO, HOWTO Use a Compaq Remote Insight Lights Out Edition for a Headless, Remote Linux Installation

    Updated: October 2000. Describes the installation of Linux on a headless Compaq ProLiant server with a Compaq Remote Insight Lights-Out Edition card without physical access to the system.

  • Config-HOWTO, Configuration HOWTO

    Updated: August 2000. Aims at making the fine-tuning of your newly installed Linux box quicker and easier. You will find a set of configurations for the most common applications and services.

  • Linux Consultants HOWTO

    Updated: April 2001. A listing of companies providing commercial Linux related support.

    Replaced by the Linux Consultants Guide.

  • CPU-Design-HOWTO, CPU Design HOW-TO

    Updated: February 2001. Helps people understand how a CPU is designed and manufactured. Contains references to various resources.

  • CVS-RCS-HOWTO, CVS-RCS HOWTO for Linux (Source Code Control System)

    Updated: January 2001. A "practical guide" to very quickly setup a CVS/RCS source code control system.

  • Cyrus-IMAP, Cyrus IMAP HOWTO

    Updated: October 2000. A comprehensive guide to installing, configuring, and running Cyrus Imap and Cyrus Sasl.

  • Danish-HOWTO, The Linux Danish/International HOWTO

    Updated: March 2000. How to configure Linux and various Linux applications for Danish locale standards such as keyboard, font, paper-size etc.

  • DB2-HOWTO, DB2 Version 7.1 for Linux HOWTO

    Updated: June 2001. Explicit instructions on installing DB2 Universal Database Version 7.1 for Linux on the following Intel x86-based distributions: Caldera OpenLinux 2.4, Debian, Red Hat Linux 6.2, SuSE Linux 6.2 and 6.3, and TurboLinux 6.0.

  • Diald-HOWTO, Diald HOWTO

    Updated: April 2000. Shows some typical scenarios for easy start using Diald. Replaces the Diald mini-HOWTO.

  • Diskless-HOWTO, Diskless Nodes HOWTO for Linux

    Updated: March 2001. How to set up a diskless Linux box.

  • Diskless-root-NFS-HOWTO, Root over nfs clients & server HOWTO

    Updated: March 1999. How to setup a server and configure clients for diskless operation from a network.

  • The Linux Distribution HOWTO

    Updated: June 2000. Intended to help new users choose a Linux distribution, and to help experienced users track the state of the Linux market.

    This HOWTO has been removed at the request of the author. A new Distribution HOWTO is in the process of being developed.

    Further information on Linux Distributions can be found on the Linux Weekly News (LWN) site: Distributions section.


    Updated: January 2001. How to become a totally "small time" DNS admin.

  • DOS-Win-to-Linux-HOWTO, From DOS/Windows to Linux HOWTO

    Updated: August 2000. Written for all the DOS and Windows users who have decided to switch to Linux.

  • DOSEMU-HOWTO, The dosemu HOWTO

    Updated: March 1997. DOSEMU stands for DOS Emulation, and is an application that enables the Linux OS to run many DOS programs.

  • DSL-HOWTO, DSL HOWTO for Linux

    Updated: March 2001. Examines the DSL family of high speed Internet services now being deployed in various markets worldwide. Information is included on the technology behind DSL as well as subscribing, installing, configuring, and troubleshooting, with an emphasis on how this impacts Linux users.

  • DVD-Playing-HOWTO, DVD Playing HOWTO

    Updated: June 2000. A easy to follow explanation on how to get DVD movie play-back in Linux.

  • Ecology-HOWTO, Linux Ecology HOWTO

    Updated: November 2000. Discusses ways Linux computers can be used as a means to protect our environment, by using its features to save power or paper.

  • Emacs-Beginner-HOWTO, Emacs Beginner's HOWTO

    Updated: March 2001. Introduces Linux users to the Emacs editor.

  • Emacspeak-HOWTO, The Linux Emacspeak HOWTO

    Updated: December 2000. How a blind user can use Linux with a speech synthesizer to replace the video display.

  • Enterprise-Java-for-Linux-HOWTO, Enterprise Java for Linux HOWTO

    Updated: January 1999. How to set up an Enterprise Java environment on Linux including a JDK, a Web server, supporting Java servlets, accessing a database via JDBC, and supporting Enterprise Java Beans (EJBs).

  • Esperanto-HOWTO, Linux-Esperanto-HOWTO

    Updated: August 1999.

  • Ethernet-HOWTO, Linux Ethernet HOWTO

    Updated: October 2000. Information about which ethernet devices can be used for Linux, and how to set them up (focused on the hardware and low level driver aspect of the ethernet cards; see Network HOWTO for software configuration information).

  • Event-HOWTO, Event HOWTO

    Updated: November 2000. The purpose of this document is to show you how to create good presentations for almost any sort of Linux event.

  • Filesystems-HOWTO, Filesystems HOWTO

    Updated: August 2000. About filesystems and accessing filesystems.

  • Finnish-HOWTO, Finnish HOWTO

    Updated: February 1996. How to "finlandize" Linux - Finnish keyboard mapping, time zone, 8-bit clean settings for applications, etc. (written in Finnish).

  • Firewall-HOWTO, Firewall and Proxy Server HOWTO

    Updated: February 2000. Designed to describe the basics of firewall systems and give you some detail on setting up both a filtering and proxy firewall on a Linux based system.

  • Font-HOWTO, Font HOWTO

    Updated: March 2000. Provides a comprehensive source to act as a starting point for any and all font questions about Linux.

  • Framebuffer-HOWTO, Framebuffer HOWTO

    Updated: February 2000. How to use the framebuffer devices in Linux with a variety of platforms. Also includes how to set up multi-headed displays.

  • Francophones-HOWTO, Le Francophones-HOWTO : Linux & la langue française

    Updated: December 1999.

  • From-PowerUp-To-Bash-Prompt-HOWTO, From Power Up To Bash Prompt

    Updated: November 2000. A brief description of what happens in a Linux system from the time that you turn on the power, to the time that you log in and get a bash prompt.

  • Ftape-HOWTO, Ftape HOWTO

    Updated: August 1998. Discusses essential do's and dont's for the ftape floppy tape driver under Linux. Focuses on the newest version (ftape-4.02 at the time of this writing).


    Updated: May 1999. Covers how to set up the GNU C compiler and development libraries under Linux; gives an overview of compiling, linking, running and debugging programs under it.

  • German-HOWTO, German HOWTO

    Updated: March 1997. Addresses Linux localization issues specific to German users (written in German).

  • Glibc2-HOWTO, Glibc 2 HOWTO

    Updated: June 1998. Covers installing and using the GNU C Library version 2 (libc6) on Linux systems.

  • Hardware HOWTO, Linux Hardware Compatibility HOWTO

    Updated: May 2001. Lists most of the hardware supported by Linux and helps you locate any necessary drivers.

  • Hebrew-HOWTO, The Hebrew HOWTO

    Updated: September 1995. How to configure your Linux machine to use Hebrew characters on X-Windows and Virtual Consoles.

  • Hellenic-HOWTO, Hellenic HOWTO

    Updated: August 1997. Addresses Linux localization issues specific to Greek users (written in Hellenic).


    Updated: July 2000. Lists the tools, procedures, and hints to get LDP authors up to speed and writing.

    Replaced July 2000 by the LDP Author Guide.

  • HOWTO-INDEX, The Linux HOWTO Index

    Updated: frequently. Index to the Linux HOWTOs as well as other information about the HOWTO project.

  • HP-HOWTO, HP HOWTO - Utilisation and Configuration Guide of HP Products under Linux

    Updated: March 2001. Describes the use of products available in the Hewlett-Packard (HP) catalog with Linux and some free software.

  • i810-HOWTO, i810 with XFree86 4.x HOWTO

    Updated: May 2001. Describes getting XFree86 4.x running on Intel's i810 graphics chipset by using special features of the 2.4.0 kernel.

  • IBM7248-HOWTO, Installing LinuxPPC-2000 on the IBM RS/6000 43P model 7248 HOWTO

    Updated: February 2001. Describes the installation of LinuxPPC-2000 on the IBM RS/6000 43P model 7248 series.

  • INFO-SHEET, Linux Information Sheet

    Updated: September 1998. Provides basic information about the Linux operating system, including an explanation of Linux, a list of features, some requirements, and some resources.

  • Infrared-HOWTO, Linux Infrared HOWTO

    Updated: April 2001. Introduction to Linux and infrared devices and how to use the software provided by the Linux/IrDA project.

  • IngresII-HOWTO, Ingres II HOWTO

    Updated: June 2000. Helps install the Ingres II Relational Database Management System on Linux.

  • Installation-HOWTO, The Linux Installation HOWTO

    Updated: February 2001. How to obtain and install Linux software. It is the first document which a new Linux user should read to get started.

  • Intranet-Server-HOWTO, The Linux Intranet Server HOWTO

    Updated: August 1997. How to setup an Intranet using Linux as the server which binds Unix, Netware, NT and Windows together.

  • IP-Masquerade-HOWTO, Linux IP Masquerade HOWTO

    Updated: November 2000. How to enable the Linux IP Masquerade feature on a given Linux host.


    Updated: July 2000. How to obtain, install and configure the enhanced IP firewalling chains software for Linux, and some ideas on how you might use them.


    Updated: May 1998. How to obtain, install and configure various tools available for the Linux operating system that use the Linux kernel IPX protocol support.

  • ISP-Hookup-HOWTO, ISP-Hookup HOWTO

    Updated: March 1998. How to use Linux to connect to an Internet Service Provider via a dial-up modem TCP/IP connection (basic dial-up procedure and IP establishment, email and news handling is covered).

  • ISP-Setup-RedHat-HOWTO, "Pocket" ISP based on RedHat Linux

    Updated: January 2001. Outlines the setup of a single RedHat box for dial-ins,virtual web hosting, virtual email, POP3 and ftp servers.

  • Italian-HOWTO, Linux Italian HOWTO

    Updated: November 1998. Addresses Linux localization issues specific to Italian users (written in Italian).


    Updated: December 1998. Explains how to set up your server to allow CGI programs written in Java and how to use Java to write CGI programs.

  • Java-Decompiler-HOWTO, Java Decompiler HOWTO

    Updated: July 2000. Will help you to de-compile the Java class programs.

  • JavaStation-HOWTO, Linux on the Sun JavaStation NC HOWTO

    Updated: May 2001. Describes how to enable the GNU/Linux OS on the Sun JavaStation NC.

  • Jaz-Drive-HOWTO, Jaz-drive HOWTO

    Updated: January 2000. Covers the configuration and use of the 1Gb and 2Gb Iomega Jaz drives under Linux.

  • Kernel-HOWTO, The Linux Kernel HOWTO

    Updated: May 2001. A detailed guide to kernel configuration, compilation, upgrades, and troubleshooting for ix86-based systems.

  • Keyboard-and-Console-HOWTO, The Linux keyboard and console HOWTO

    Updated: February 1998. Contains some information about the Linux (v2.0) keyboard and console, and the use of non-ASCII characters.

  • KickStart-HOWTO, RedHat Linux KickStart HOWTO

    Updated: January 1999. Briefly describes how to use the RedHat Linux KickStart system to rapidly install large numbers of identical Linux boxes.

  • Kiosk-HOWTO, Kiosk HOWTO

    Updated: October 1999. Provides a guide for setting up a WWW-based kiosk using Linux, X11R6, FVWM2, Netscape Navigator 4.X, and a customized trackball.

  • Kodak-Digitalcam-HOWTO, Kodak Digital Camera HOWTO

    Updated: January 2001. Getting a Kodak digital camera working under GNU/Linux.

  • Laptop-HOWTO, Linux Laptop HOWTO

    Updated: November 2000. Contains a concise survey of laptop-related (Linux content) documents, such as installation methods for laptops (via PCMCIA, without CD drive, etc.), laptop hardware features, and configurations for different (network) environments.

  • Large-Disk-HOWTO, Large Disk HOWTO

    Updated: March 2001. All about disk geometry and the 1024 cylinder limit for disks.


    Updated: February 2001. Information about installing, configuring, running and maintaining a LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) Server on a Linux machine.

  • LDAP-Implementation-HOWTO, LDAP Implementation HOWTO

    Updated: March 2001. Describes the technical aspects of storing application data in a LDAP server. It focuses on the configuration of various applications to make them LDAP-aware.

  • LDP-Reviewer-HOWTO, Linux Documentation Project Reviewer HOWTO

    Updated: May 2001. This document will help you review LDP documentation. It includes procedures, tips and techniques to make the process easier.

  • LILO-crash-rescue-HOWTO, LILO, Linux Crash Rescue HOWTO

    Updated: May 2001. Discusses methods to recover from Linux system failures.

  • Linmodem-HOWTO, Linmodem-Mini-HOWTO

    Updated: February 2001. Describes Linmodem (winmodem hardware) support under Linux.

  • Linux From Scratch HOWTO

    Updated: September 2000. Describes the process of creating your own Linux system from scratch from an already installed Linux distribution, using nothing but the source code of software that we need.

    Replaced by the Linux From Scratch guide.

  • Linux+Windows-HOWTO, Linux + Windows HOWTO

    Updated: November 1999. Aimed at assisting those who wish to use the features of both Linux and Windows on the same host.

  • LinuxDoc+Emacs+Ispell-HOWTO, LinuxDoc+Emacs+Ispell HOWTO

    Updated: February 1998. Aimed at writers and translators of Linux HOWTOs or any other paper for the Linux Documentation Project. Gives hints at using tools including Emacs and Ispell.

  • Loopback-Encrypted-Filesystem-HOWTO, Loopback Encrypted Filesystem HOWTO

    Updated: November 1999. Explains how to setup and then use a filesystem that, when mounted by a user, dynamically and transparently encrypts its contents.

  • LVM-HOWTO, Logical Volume Manager HOWTO

    Updated: May 2000. A very hands-on HOWTO for Linux LVM.

  • Mail-Administrator-HOWTO, The Linux Electronic Mail Administrator HOWTO

    Updated: January 2000. Describes the setup, care and feeding of Electronic Mail (e-mail) under Linux. Primarily intended for administrators.

  • Mail-User-HOWTO, The Linux Mail User HOWTO

    Updated: February 2001. An introduction to the world of electronic mail (email) under Linux. Focuses on user-level issues and typical configurations for Linux home and small-business machines connected to the net via an ISP.

  • Majordomo-MajorCool-HOWTO, Majordomo and MajorCool HOWTO

    Updated: November 2000. Intended to guide a user through an installation of the Majordomo Mailing List Software and MajorCool (utility for managing Majordomo lists via a CGI script).

  • Medicine-HOWTO, Linux Medicine-HOWTO

    Updated: November 2000. Some pointers to Linux software (mostly GPLed) for the medical sciences.

  • META-FAQ, Linux Meta-FAQ

    Updated: October 1997. Mainly a list of valuable sources of information for Linux. Use these sources if you want to learn more about Linux, or have problems and need help.

  • MGR-HOWTO, The MGR Window System HOWTO

    Updated: May 1996. Information on the installation, configuration and running of the MGR Window System.

  • MILO-HOWTO, Alpha Miniloader HOWTO

    Updated: November 2000. Describes the Alpha Linux Miniloader (also known as MILO), a program for Alpha-based systems that can be used to initialize the machine and load Linux.


    Updated: January 2001. Describes the MIPS port of the Linux operating system, common problems and their solutions, availability and more.

  • Modem-HOWTO, Modem HOWTO

    Updated: April 2001. Help with selecting, connecting, configuring, trouble-shooting, and understanding modems for a PC.

  • MP3-HOWTO, The Linux MP3 HOWTO

    Updated: October 2000. Describes the hardware, software and procedures needed to encode, play and stream MP3 sound files under Linux.

  • MP3-Box-HOWTO, MP3 Player Box HOWTO

    Updated: April 2001. Describes how to build, configure, install, and use a custom MP3 player box. It lists the necessary hardware and answers a number of frequently asked questions.

  • Multi-Disk-HOWTO, HOWTO: Multi Disk System Tuning

    Updated: July 2000. How best to use multiple disks and partitions for a Linux system.

  • Multicast HOWTO, Multicast over TCP/IP HOWTO

    Updated: March 1998. Tries to cover most aspects related to multicast over TCP/IP networks.

  • MultiOS-HOWTO, Managing Multiple Operating Systems HOWTO

    Updated: February 2000. Covers the procedures for using removable hard disks to install and manage multiple alternative operating systems while leaving a single fixed disk to permanently house and protect the primary operating system.

  • Mutt-GnuPG-PGP-HOWTO, Mutt-i, GnuPG and PGP HOWTO

    Updated: February 2000. Briefly explains how to configure Mutt-i, PGP and GnuPG in its different versions (2.6.x, 5.x and GnuPG).

  • NC-HOWTO, Linux Netstation HOWTO

    Updated: November 2000. Describes how to hook up a IBM Netstation to your local network using a Linux box as server.

  • NCD-HOWTO, Linux NCD mini-HOWTO

    Updated: September 1999. Describes how to hook up a NCD ThinSTAR to your local network using a Linux box as server.

  • Net-HOWTO, Linux Networking HOWTO

    Updated: December 2000. Information about networking for Linux (relates only to version 4 of the Linux Networking Kernel or more specifically kernel releases 2.x and 2.2.x).

    Previously called the Net 3/4 and Net-3 HOWTOs.


    Updated: March 2001. Describes how to make Microsoft NetMeeting interoperate with Linux.

  • Network-boot-HOWTO, Network boot and exotic root HOWTO

    Updated: May 2001. Explains how to quickly setup a linux server to provide what diskless linux clients require to get up and running, using an IP network.

  • Networking-Overview-HOWTO, The Linux Networking Overview HOWTO

    Updated: July 2000. Overview of the networking capabilities of the Linux Operating System; provides pointers for further information and implementation details.


    Updated: December 2000. How to set up NFS clients and servers.


    Updated: November 2000. How to configure Linux as NIS(YP) or NIS+ client and how to install as a NIS server.

  • NLM-HOWTO, NetWare Loadable Module Programming HOWTO

    Updated: August 2000. How to develop NetWare Loadable Modules under Linux, using GNU CC and nlmconv(1) from GNU binutils.

  • Online-Troubleshooting-HOWTO, Online Troubleshooting Resources HOWTO

    Updated: July 2000. Directs Linux users to resources available on the Internet that provide access to a vast amount of Linux-related information useful in troubleshooting problems.

  • Optical-Disk-HOWTO, Linux - Optical Disk HOWTO

    Updated: December 1998. Describes the installation and configuration of optical disk drives for Linux.

  • Oracle-7-HOWTO, Oracle 7 Database HOWTO

    Updated: August 1998. A guide to installing and configuring the Oracle 7 Database Server on a Linux system.

  • Oracle-8-HOWTO, Oracle (8) for Linux Installation HOWTO

    Updated: June 2000. A guide to installing and configuring the Oracle 8i Enterprise Edition for Linux.

  • PalmOS-HOWTO, Palm OS Desktop HOWTO

    Updated: February 1999. Explains how to use your Palm OS device with a Linux system.

  • Parallel-Processing-HOWTO, Linux Parallel Processing HOWTO

    Updated: January 1998. Discusses the four basic approaches to parallel processing that are available to Linux users: SMP Linux systems, clusters of networked Linux systems, parallel execution using multimedia instructions (i.e., MMX), and attached (parallel) processors hosted by a Linux system.


    Updated: March 1997. Information on what works with Linux and PCI-boards and what does not.


    Updated: September 2000. How to install and use PCMCIA Card Services for Linux.

  • phhttpd-HOWTO, PHHTTPD

    Updated: April 2001. phhttpd is an HTTP accelerator. It serves fast static HTTP fetches from a local file-system and passes slower dynamic requests back to a waiting server.


    Updated: May 2001. How to develop PHP programs and also to migrate all the Windows 95 GUI applications to powerful PHP + HTML + DHTML + XML + Java applets + Javascript. Applies to all the operating sytems where PHP is ported.

  • PLIP-Install-HOWTO, PLIP Install HOWTO

    Updated: April 2001. How to install a GnuXXPIPELinux distribution on a computer without Ethernet card, nor cdrom, but just a local floppy drive and a remote nfs server attached by a Null-Modem parallel cable.

  • Plug-and-Play-HOWTO, The Linux Plug-and-Play HOWTO

    Updated: April 2001. How to get your Linux system to support Plug-and-Play.

  • Polish-HOWTO, Polish HOWTO

    Updated: February 1999. Addresses Linux localization issues specific to Polish users (written in Polish).

  • Portuguese-HOWTO, Portuguese HOWTO

    Updated: December 1999. Addresses Linux localization issues specific to Portuguese users (written in Portuguese).

  • PostgreSQL-HOWTO, Database-SQL-RDBMS HOWTO for Linux (PostgreSQL Object Relational Database System)

    Updated: January 2001. A "practical guide" to very quickly setup a SQL Database engine and front end tools on a Unix system.


    Updated: July 2000. How to connect your Linux PC to a PPP server, how to use PPP to link two LANs together; provides one method of setting up your Linux computer as a PPP server. The document also provides help in debugging non-functional PPP connections.

  • Printing-HOWTO, The Linux Printing HOWTO

    Updated: September 2000. A collection of information on how to generate, preview, print and fax anything under Linux (and other Unices in general).

  • Printing-Usage-HOWTO, The Linux Printing Usage HOWTO

    Updated: February 1998. How to use the print system under Linux.

  • Process-Monitor-HOWTO, Process Monitor HOWTO for Linux

    Updated: May 2001. How to monitor Linux/Unix processes and to re-start them automatically if they die (without any manual intervention).

  • Program-Library-HOWTO, Program Library HOWTO

    Updated: March 2001. This HOWTO for programmers discusses how to create and use program libraries on Linux. This includes static libraries, shared libraries, and dynamically loaded libraries.

  • Psion-HOWTO, Linux and Psion HOWTO

    Updated: November 1999. How to use Psion palmtops with Linux. Does not cover running Linux on a Psion palmtop.

  • Qmail-VMailMgr-Courier-imap-HOWTO, Qmail VMailMgr and Courier-Imap HOWTO

    Updated: April 2000. Building a mail server that will support virtual domain hosting and provide smtp, pop3 and imap services, using a powerful alternative to sendmail.

  • Quake-HOWTO, Linux Quake HOWTO

    Updated: August 1998. How to install, run and troubleshoot Quake, QuakeWorld and Quake II on an Intel Linux system.

  • Reading-List-HOWTO, The Linux Reading List HOWTO

    Updated: March 2001. Lists the books the author thinks are most valuable to a person trying to learn Unix (especially Linux) top to bottom.

  • RedHat-CD-HOWTO, Burning a RedHat CD HOWTO

    Updated: March 2000. How to make your own CDs from the Red Hat Linux distribution equivalent to the ones commercially available from Red Hat.

  • Remote-Serial-Console-HOWTO, Remote Serial Console HOWTO

    Updated: March 2001. Covers how to set up your hardware to use a serial console.

  • Root-RAID-HOWTO, Root RAID HOWTO cookbook

    Updated: July 2000. This document only applies to the OLD raidtools, versions 0.50 and under. The workarounds and solutions addressed in this HOWTO have largely been made obsolete by the vast improvment in the 0.90 raidtools and accompanying kernel patch to the 2.0.37, 2.2x and 2.3x series kernels. You may find the detailed descriptions useful, particularly if you plan to run root raid or use initrd.

    original description: A cookbook for creating a root mounted raid filesystem and companion fallback rescue system using linux initrd. Step-by-step instructions for both raid1 and raid5 md0 devices.


    Updated: November 1999. RPM is the RPM Package Manager. It is an open packaging system available for anyone to use. It allows users to take source code for new software and package it into source and binary form such that binaries can be easily installed and tracked and source can be rebuilt easily. It also maintains a database of all packages and their files that can be used for verifying packages and querying for information about files and/or packages.

  • Sat-HOWTO, Sat (Satellite Technology) HOWTO

    Updated: May 2001. Investigates "State of Art" Sat connections in a Linux environment; how to get them faster and how to share them with many clients.

  • SCSI-2.4-HOWTO, The Linux SCSI subsystem in 2.4 HOWTO

    Updated: April 2001. Describes the SCSI subsystem as the Linux kernel enters the 2.4 production series. An external view of the SCSI subsystem is the main theme. Material is included to help the system administration of the Linux SCSI subsystem.

  • SCSI-Programming-HOWTO, The Linux SCSI programming HOWTO

    Updated: May 1996. Deals with programming the Linux generic SCSI interface.

  • Secure-Programs-HOWTO, Secure Programming for Linux and Unix HOWTO

    Updated: April 2001. Provides a set of design and implementation guidelines for writing secure programs for Linux and Unix systems.

  • Security-HOWTO, Linux Security HOWTO

    Updated: March 2000. A general overview of security issues that face the administrator of Linux systems.

  • Serbian-HOWTO, Serbian HOWTO

    Updated: November 1998. Addresses Linux localization issues specific to Serbian users (written in Serbian).

  • Serial-HOWTO, Serial HOWTO

    Updated: February 2001. Describes serial port features other than those which should be covered by other HOWTOs. Lists information on multiport serial cards and contains detailed technical information about the serial port itself.

  • Serial-Laplink-HOWTO, Serial Laplink HOWTO

    Updated: August 2000. Details how to setup a “laplink” connection between two computers.

  • Serial-Programming-HOWTO, The Linux Serial Programming HOWTO

    Updated: January 1998. How to program communications with devices over a serial port on a Linux box.

  • Shadow-Password-HOWTO, Linux Shadow Password HOWTO

    Updated: April 1996. How to obtain, install, and configure the Linux password Shadow Suite.

  • Slovenian-HOWTO, Slovenian HOWTO

    Updated: February 1999. Addresses Linux localization issues specific to Slovenian users (written in Slovenian).


    Updated: April 2000. How to use the Server Message Block (SMB) protocol, also called the Session Message Block, NetBIOS or LanManager protocol, with Linux using Samba.


    Updated: October 2000. Reviews main issues related to SMP configuration under Linux.

  • Software-Building-HOWTO, Building and Installing Software Packages for Linux

    Updated: July 1999. A comprehensive guide to building and installing "generic" UNIX software distributions under Linux.

  • Software-RAID-HOWTO, Software-RAID HOWTO

    Updated: January 2000 (latest version). How to use Software RAID under Linux. It addresses a specific version of the Software RAID layer, namely the 0.90 RAID layer made by Ingo Molnar and others. This is the RAID layer that will be standard in Linux-2.4, and it is the version that is also used by Linux-2.2 kernels shipped from some vendors. The 0.90 RAID support is available as patches to Linux-2.0 and Linux-2.2, and is by many considered far more stable that the older RAID support already in those kernels.

  • Software-RAID-0.4x-HOWTO, Software-RAID HOWTO (earlier implementation)

    Updated: November 1998. How to use Software RAID under Linux. RAID stands for "Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks". For users of the Linux MD kernel extension, the associated tools, and their use. This HOWTO addresses an earlier implementation.

  • Software-Release-Practice-HOWTO, Software Release Practice HOWTO

    Updated: February 2001. Describes good release practices for Linux open-source projects.

  • Sound-HOWTO, The Linux Sound HOWTO

    Updated: May 2001. Describes sound support for Linux (hardware, configuration, etc).

  • Sound-Playing-HOWTO, The Linux Sound Playing HOWTO

    Updated: August 1998. Lists applications for Linux that play various sound formats.

  • Spanish-HOWTO, Spanish Linux HOWTO

    Updated: August 1996. Contains information on Linux in the Spanish environment, for developing software with Spanish support or how to get in touch with the Linux community in Spain (written in Spanish).


    Updated: November 2000. Describes Linux on SPARC-based workstations.

  • Speech-Recognition-HOWTO, Speech Recognition HOWTO

    Updated: November 2000. Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) on Linux is becoming easier. Several packages are available for users as well as developers. This document describes the basics of speech recognition and describes some of the available software.


    Updated: November 2000. Describes how to boot Linux/Alpha using the SRM console, which is the console firmware also used to boot Compaq Tru64 Unix (also known as Digital Unix and OSF/1) and OpenVMS.

  • SSL-RedHat-HOWTO, Building a Secure RedHat Apache Server HOWTO

    Updated: February 2001. Explains how PKI and SSL work together. It is essential to understand how the SSL protocol works to successfully deploy a secure server.

  • Sybase-ASA-HOWTO, Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere for Linux HOWTO

    Updated: April 2001. Guides you through the installation of SQL Anywhere Studio 7.0.2 for Linux and the basic operation and administration of Adaptive Server Anywhere databases.

  • Tango-HOWTO, Tango 2000 HOWTO

    Updated: July 2000. Describes the installation, configuration, and basic troubleshooting of Pervasive Software's Tango Application Server on Sun Solaris and various flavours of Linux.

  • TclTk-HOWTO, The Linux Tcl and Tk HOWTO

    Updated: November 1998. Describes the Linux approach to Tcl, a scripting language.

  • TeTeX-HOWTO, The teTeX HOWTO: The Linux-teTeX Local Guide

    Updated: November 1998. Covers the basic installation and usage of the teTeX TeX and LaTeX implementation, plus auxiliary packages like Ghostscript.

  • Text-Terminal-HOWTO, Text-Terminal HOWTO

    Updated: April 2001. Explains what text terminals are, how they work, how to install and configure them, and provides some info on how to repair them.

  • Thai-HOWTO, The Linux Thai HOWTO

    Updated: August 1998. How to use Thai language with Linux. This will cover setting Thai fonts, Thai keyboard and some Thai applications.

  • Thinclient-HOWTO, Thin Client: New User Guide

    Updated: November 1999. How to turn inexpensive legacy computers into fast terminals.

  • Tips-HOWTO, The Linux Tips HOWTO

    Updated: June 1998. Contains those hard to find hints and tweekings that make Linux a bit nicer.

  • Turkish-HOWTO, Turkish HOWTO

    Updated: September 1999. Addresses Linux localization issues specific to Turkish users (written in Turkish).


    Updated: November 1995. Explains how to use Umsdos (a linux file system) in different configurations, and its operation.

  • Unicode-HOWTO, The Unicode HOWTO

    Updated: August 2000. How to change your Linux system so it uses UTF-8 as text encoding.

  • Unix-and-Internet-Fundamentals-HOWTO, The Unix and Internet Fundamentals HOWTO

    Updated: May 2001. Describes the working basics of PC-class computers, Unix-like operating systems, and the Internet in non-technical language.

  • Unix-Hardware-Buyer-HOWTO, The Unix Hardware Buyer HOWTO

    Updated: February 2001. This is your one-stop resource for information about how to buy and configure Intel hardware for cheap, powerful Unix systems.


    Updated: November 1997. Helps you connect an uninterruptable power supply to a Linux box.

  • User-Authentication-HOWTO, User Authentication HOWTO

    Updated: May 2000. Explains how user and group information is stored and how users are authenticated on a Linux system (PAM), and how to secure you system's user authentication.

  • User-Group-HOWTO, Linux User Group HOWTO

    Updated: April 1998. A guide to founding, maintaining, and growing a Linux User Group.


    Updated: February 1998. Describes the setup, care & feeding of UUCP under Linux.


    Updated: August 1999. Contains a listing of service companies which do not manufacture hardware or create packaged software, but add value to existing products.

  • VCR-HOWTO, VCR-HOWTO - Using your GNU/Linux computer as a VCR

    Updated: March 2001. A guide to setting up your GNU/Linux workstation as a digital VCR using the video4linux driver and a supported tuner card.

  • Vim-HOWTO, Vim Color Editor HOWTO (Vi Improved w/syntax color highlighting)

    Updated: May 2001. A guide to very quickly setup Vim color editor on Linux or Unix systems.

  • Virtual-Services-HOWTO, Virtual Services HOWTO

    Updated: August 1998. How to virtualize a service.

  • VMailMgr-HOWTO, VMailMgr HOWTO

    Updated: April 2000. Explains how to setup VMailMgr to support pop3 virtual domain services in conjunction with Qmail.


    Updated: August 2000. Shows the embedded system community how to run Linux on their VMEbus Pentium and other PCI local bus based VMEbus processor designs.

  • VMS-to-Linux-HOWTO, From VMS to Linux HOWTO

    Updated: September 1999. Aimed at all those who have been using VMS and now need or want to switch to Linux.

  • VoIP-HOWTO, VoIP Howto

    Updated: June 2001. Voice Over IP is a new communication means that let you telephone with Internet at almost null cost. This document covers how this is done.


    Updated: December 1999. How to set up a Virtual Private Network with Linux.

  • VPN-Masquerade-HOWTO, Linux VPN Masquerade HOWTO

    Updated: October 2000. How to configure a Linux firewall to masquerade IPsec- and PPTP-based Virtual Private Network traffic, allowing you to establish a VPN connection without losing the security and flexibility of your Linux firewall's internet connection and allowing you to make available a VPN server that does not have a registered internet IP address.

  • Wacom-Tablet-HOWTO, Wacom Tablet HOWTO

    Updated: December 2000. Installation of (not only) Wacom graphic tablets under linux and/or xfree86.

  • Wearable-HOWTO, Wearable HOWTO

    Updated: November 2000. Nomadism is one of the major trends of our society, now most of the people can work with a laptop computer, but few did the next step: to live, or if you prefer to wear one computer - that is a wearable.

  • Windows-LAN-Server-HOWTO, Windows LAN server HOW-TO

    Updated: September 2000. Intended to assist those who wish to consider Linux as a server within an office environment which has PC's primarily running Microsoft Windows 9x.

  • Winmodems-and-Linux-HOWTO, Winmodems-and-Linux HOWTO

    Updated: April 2001. Helps users get a Winmodem working under Linux.

  • Wireless-HOWTO, Wireless HOWTO for Linux Systems

    Updated: January 2001. Document explains how to setup Wireless in Linux, compatibility problems, something about geographic requirements and more.


    Updated: August 1999. Information about setting up WWW services under Linux (both server and client).

  • WWW-mSQL-HOWTO, A mSQL and perl Web Server HOWTO

    Updated: September 1997. How to build a SQL client/server database using WWW and HTML for the user interface.


    Updated: March 2001. How to setup XDMCP ("X Display Manager Control Protocol").

  • XFree86-HOWTO, The Linux XFree86 HOWTO

    Updated: August 2000. How to obtain, install, and configure version 4.0 of the XFree86 version of the X Window System (X11R6) for Linux systems.

  • XFree86-Touch-Screen-HOWTO, Linux Touch Screen HOWTO

    Updated: October 2000. How to set up a touch screen input device under XFree86.

  • XFree86-Video-Timings-HOWTO, XFree86 Video Timings HOWTO

    Updated: August 2000. How to compose a mode line for your card/monitor combination under XFree86.

  • Xinerama-HOWTO, Using the Xinerama Extensions to MultiHead X v.4.0

    Updated: November 2000. How to configure XFree86 Version 4.0 with Multiple monitors and the Xinerama extentions.


    Updated: April 2001. Describes how to use XML-RPC to implement clients and servers in a variety of languages. Provides example code; applies to all operating systems with XML-RPC support.

  • XWindow-Overview-HOWTO, X Window System Architecture Overview HOWTO

    Updated: May 2001. Provides an overview of the X Window System's architecture.

  • XWindow-User-HOWTO, The X Window User HOWTO

    Updated: September 1999. Information on configuring the X Window environment for the Linux user, as well as for the beginning system administrator attempting to sort through the many configuration options and details of X Window.