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David S.Lawyer mailto:dave@lafn.org

v0.17, April 2001

Help with selecting, connecting, configuring, trouble-shooting, and understanding modems for a PC. See Serial-HOWTO for multiport serial boards.

1. Introduction

2. Modems for a Linux PC

3. Modem Pools, Digital Modems

4. Serial Port and Modem Basics

5. Configuring Overview

6. Configuring the Serial Port Hardware and Driver (low-level)

7. Configuring the Serial Driver (high-level) "stty"

8. Modem Configuration (excluding serial port)

9. Serial Port Devices /dev/ttyS2, etc.

10. Interesting Programs You Should Know About

11. Trying Out Your Modem (Dialing Out)

12. Dial-In

13. Uugetty for Dial-In (from the old Serial-HOWTO)

14. What Speed Should I Use with My Modem?

15. Communications Programs And Utilities

16. Troubleshooting

17. Flash Upgrades

18. Other Sources of Information

19. Appendix A: How Analog Modems Work (technical) (unfinished)

20. Appendix B: Digital Modem Signal Processing (not done)

21. Appendix C: "baud" vs. "bps"

22. Appendix D: Terminal Server Connection

23. Appendix E: Other Types of Modems

24. Appendix F: Fax pixels (dots)

25. Appendix G: Antique Modems

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