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Diald Howto

Andrés Seco AndresSH@ctv.es

v1.03, April 17, 2000

This document shows some typical scenarios for easy start using Diald. These scenarios include a connection from a standalone computer to an ISP using PPP over a modem without using pon/poff or ppp-on/ppp-off to a proxy/firewall server with different Internet connections through various ISPs.

1. Introduction

2. Copyright and discharge of responsibility

3. Quick Diald operation description

4. Note about authentication

5. Notes about DNS name resolution

6. Connecting a standalone computer to an ISP using a modem and PPP

7. Conecting a computer to a group of different ISPs with a modem and PPP

8. Connecting a proxy/firewall to an ISP using a modem and PPP

9. Programs and versions used

10. More information

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