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Sat (Satellite Technology) HOWTO

Roberto Arcomano berto@fatamorgana.com, Florindo Santoro flosan@hack-it.net

v1.1, 2 May 2001

Sat technology is starting to become a great resource for Internet users, allowing high bandwidth in downloading and many other interesting services. This document wants to investigate " State of Art" of Sat connections in Linux environment, how to get them speeder and to share with many clients. You can found latest version of this document at http://www.fatamorgana.com/bertolinux/sat/english and http://www.hack-it.net/How-To/Sat-HOWTO.html .

1. Introduction

2. Background Knowledge

3. Technical Information

4. Requirements

5. Base setup

6. Configuration under Linux

7. Configuration under Windows

8. Appendix A - Notes

9. Appendix B - Well Known Sat ISP setting value

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