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Installing LinuxPPC-2000 Q4 on the IBM RS/6000 43P model 7248 HOWTO

Ingvar Hagelund


Revision History
Revision 1.502001-02-06Revised by: ih
Now supports LinuxPPC-2000 Q4
Revision 1.402000-12-14Revised by: ih
Translated to SGML. This is the initial release for LDP

This document describes the installation of LinuxPPC-2000 Q4 on the IBM RS/6000 43P model 7248 series.

Table of Contents
1. Introducion
1.1. Copyright Information and Legal stuff
1.2. Disclaimer and scope
1.3. New versions
1.4. Credits
1.5. Feedback
1.6. Translations
2. Overview
2.1. The IBM RS6000 43P 7248-133
2.2. What's the matter, why not use the original installation procedure?
2.3. An overview on what to do
3. Setting up the hardware with SMS
3.1. Where is the BIOS?
3.2. How to use the SMS
3.3. What settings to use
3.4. More info about the hardware
4. Get the installation files
4.1. Buying a CD
4.2. Download CD images over FTP
4.3. Network installation
5. Make boot floppies
5.1. What floppies to make
5.2. How to make the bootfloppies
6. Boot the machine and start the installation program
6.1. Boot the machine
6.2. Make some hacks
7. Install the system
7.1. The LinuxPPC-2000 Q4 installer
7.2. Partition the harddisk(s)
7.3. Mount the partitions
7.4. Select and install packages
7.5. Make a root password and exit
8. Boot the machine
9. Set up networking
9.1. Support for the integrated ethernet adapter
9.2. Configuration files
9.3. Set IP address and netmask
9.4. Set hostname and gateway
9.5. Nameserver specification
9.6. The hosts file
9.7. Restart the network
10. Update the kernel and tune the X Window system
10.1. Why update the kernel
10.2. What files to download
10.3. Unpacking and patching the source
10.4. Configuring the kernel
10.5. Compiling and installing the kernel
10.6. Set up X
11. Set up sound
11.1. Support for the integrated sound adapter
11.2. Configure and compile the kernel
11.3. Configuring the modules
11.4. Reboot and pray
12. Resources
12.1. Other resources on Linux/PPC and 43P boxes
12.2. Installing other flavours of Linux on the 7248
13. Todo
14. Frequently Asked Questions
14.1. XF68 or XF86
14.2. There is "snow" on my X desktop
14.3. I can't get my hardware to work
14.4. Me wants another distro!
14.5. Boot floppies on other distributions
14.6. The PReP boot partition?
14.7. It won't boot at all. Could it be bad RAM?
15. Appendix: Using cfdisk to partition your harddisk
15.1. Hardisk names
15.2. Harddisk partitions
15.3. Starting cfdisk
15.4. Using cfdisk
15.4.1. The user interface
15.4.2. Deleting a partition
15.4.3. Making a new partition
15.4.4. Set the type of a partition
15.4.5. Make a partition bootable
15.4.6. Write the result to disk and quit
16. Appendix: More on partitioning