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2. Compaq Remote Insight Lights-Out Background

The Remote Insight Lights-Out is an optional management PCI card with a dedicated LAN connection. It provides full access and control of servers even when the server is in a failed state.

2.1. Key Features

The key features of the Remote Insight Lights-Out card:

  • Self-contained with on-board processor, memory, NIC, and ROM

  • External power adapter ensures continuous server access

  • Enables 'headless' server deployments in data centers

  • Virtual Floppy Drive allows host server to remotely boot from a standard 1.44 MB floppy diskette in a network client, enabling remote OS installation from a network drive, and remote server ROM updates

  • Full control of your server with browser-based, virtual graphical remote console

  • No additional software required for Compaq ProLiant servers - the client just requires a browser that supports Java.

  • Virtual Power Button provides full control of remote server power state - turn your server on or off remotely

  • Remote Reboot allows cold reboot when system is not responding.

  • SSL encryption of HTTP data before transmitting over the network

  • Dedicated, low-bandwidth network connection provides secure access over LAN

  • Group administration for user accounts

To get more information about the Remote Insight Lights-Out Edition see the Compaq web page at http://www.compaq.com/lights-out