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22. Where do I find more information about .... ?

Since this document assumes you already have some experience with packet radio and that this might not be the case I've collected a set of references to other information that you might find useful.

22.1 Packet Radio

You can get general information about Packet Radio from these sites:

  • American Radio Relay League,
  • Radio Amateur Teleprinter Society
  • Tucson Amateur Packet Radio Group
  • 22.2 Protocol Documentation

  • AX.25, NetRom - Jonathon Naylor has collated a variety of documents that relate to the packet radio protocols themselves. This documentation has been packaged up into ax25-doc-1.0.tar.gz
  • 22.3 Hardware Documentation

  • Information on the PI2 Card is provided by the Ottawa Packet Radio Group.
  • Information on Baycom hardware is available at the Baycom Web Page.

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