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6. Other topics

  • There is BOOTP client: ftp://sunsite.unc.edu/system/Network/admin/bootpc.v045.tgz

    With initrd (which is included in Linux 2.0), it could be made to work for diskless stations quite nicely. initrd is actually always an advanced option for more customized setups.

  • For plain bootpd based boots this is actually probably not needed as Linux 2.0 contains also the option to use BOOTP instead of RARP. (To be more precise, you can compile both in the kernel, and the faster response wins.)
  • In the Documentation directory of kernel source there is a file documenting NFS-Root systems.
  • There is a patch floating around, that allows for swapping over NFS. It was send to me (during a private high workload phase), but I somehow managed to loose the mail. :(

    You can get it probably from http://www.linuxhq.com/ in the unofficial patches section.

  • My PGP public key can be fetched by fingering andreas@ag.or.at. The fingerprint is: F1 F7 43 D5 07 C4 6C 87 BF 6B 33 A2 2C EE 5A F9.

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