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7. More about Wireless

7.1 A Wireless Linux distribution

The wireless distribution FlyingLinux started in October 1999 in the Telecommunication Systems Lab at Teleinformatics KTH with the objective of studying the possibilty of using MobileIPv4 and standard DHCP-based wireless access for student labs.

The result of that work was the FlyingLinux environment available for one hundred students and teachers during the 2G1303 project course that was held from March to May year 2000.

FlyingLinux is the first linux distribution oriented to mobility services. We have taken care of the security issues including Kerberos support and OpenSSH.

FlyingLinux is part of the Open Source movement. We have included software that have been developed at KTH under the GPL licence.

You can find the Wireless Linux distribution at this Web Site.

Mantainer: Alberto Escudero Email, Home Page

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