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4. Toolbox required

4.1 Hardware requirement

You need a Linux Box (486 or, better, a Pentium 100+ with 16MB+ ram), the Wireless network card, an antenna (see par 2.2). You need the same on the other end (with Win9x or WinNT, if you prefer...) cause you have to simulate a communication!

4.2 Software requirement

You need:

  1. recent stable kernel sources (2.2.x)
  2. recent stable pcmcia sources (pcmcia-cs) if you bought a pcmcia card
  3. Wireless network driver: if you don't have it you can download it from the vendor web site or the card manufacturer web site. If you don't find it you can search at Jean Tourrilhes Wireless Howto.

If you don't find even here you probably have to wait or to convert a Windows driver to a Linux driver!! (good luck!).

After that, you have to recompile your kernel, recompile your pcmcia source (if need by the Wireless card), finally recompile your Wireless driver. That is the generic situation, maybe for some card you have to perform step 3 only or 1 and 3, it depends on specific driver.

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