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6. Cards setup

Here we see how to configure special hardware card in Linux and Windows environment.

6.1 Quicknet PhoneJack

As we saw, Quicknet Phonejack is a sound card with VoIP accelerating capability. It supports:

  • G.711 normal and mu/A-law, G.728-9, G.723.1 (TrueSpeech) and LPC10.
  • Phone connector (to allow calling directly from your phone) or
  • Mic & speaker jacks.

Quicknet PhoneJack is a ISA (or PCI) card to install into your Pc box. It can work without an IRQ.

Software installation

Under Windows you have to install:

  1. Card driver
  2. Internet Switchboard application

all downloadable from Quicknet web site

After Switchboard has been installed, you need to register to Quicknet to obtain full capability of your card.

When you pick up the phone Internet Switchboard wakes up and waits for your calling number (directly entered from your phone), you can:

  1. enter an asterisk, then type an IP number (with asterisks in place of dot) with a # in the end
  2. type directly a PSTN phone number (with international prefix) to call a classic phone user. In this case you need a registration to a gateway manager to which pay for time.
  3. enter directly a quick dial number (up to 2 digits) you have previously stored which make a call (IP or PSTN).

Internet Swichboard is h323 compatible, so if you can use, for example, Microsoft Netmeeting at the other end to talk.

In place of Internet Switchboard you can use openh323 application openphone (using GUI) or ohphone (command line).

Under Linux you have to install:

  1. Card driver, from Quicknet web site . After downloaded you have to compile it (you must have a /usr/src/linux soft or hard link to your Linux source directory): type make for instructions.
  2. Application openphone or ohphone .
  3. If you are a developer you can use SDK to create your own application (also for Windows).


With Internet Switchboard (and with other application) you can:

  1. Change compression algorithm preferred
  2. Tune jitter delay
  3. Adjust volume
  4. Adjust echo cancellation level.

6.2 Quicknet LineJack

This card is very similar to the previous, it supports also gateway feature.

We only notice that we have to download PSTNGx application (for Linux and Windows) or we use Internet Switchboard to gateway feature.

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