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5. Applications Supporting Sound

I give here a sample of the types of applications that you likely want if you have a sound card under Linux. You can check the Linux Software Map, Internet archive sites, and/or files on your Linux CD-ROM for more up to date information.

If you are running a graphical desktop such as KDE or GNOME then it should already include a number of multimedia applications that are integrated with your desktop.

As a minimum, you will likely want to obtain the following sound applications:

  • audio file format conversion utility (e.g. sox)

  • mixer utility (e.g. aumix or xmix)

  • digitized file player/recorder (e.g. play or wavplay)

  • MOD file player (e.g. tracker)

  • MIDI file player (e.g. playmidi)

There are text-based as well as GUI-based versions of most of these tools. There are also some more esoteric applications (e.g. speech synthesis and recognition) that you may wish to try.