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5. Contributions

As mentioned in the introduction, I am no expert in this field, but had problems myself, and found a solution with the help of others. Thanks for the help from Mr. Strudthoff from the European Transonic Windtunnel, Cologne, Michael Carter (mcarter@rocke.electro.swri.edu, and Peter Waltenberg (p.waltenberg@karaka.chch.cri.nz)

Antonino Ianella (antonino@usa.net wrote the Serial-Port-Programming Mini HOWTO, at the same time I prepared this document. Greg Hankins asked me to incorporate Antonino's Mini-HOWTO into this document.

The structure of this document and SGML formatting was derived from the Serial-HOWTO by Greg Hankins. Thanks also for various corrections made by : Dave Pfaltzgraff (Dave_Pfaltzgraff@patapsco.com), Sean Lincolne (slincol@tpgi.com.au), Michael Wiedmann (mw@miwie.in-berlin.de), and Adrey Bonar (andy@tipas.lt).

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