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6. Tips & Tricks

6.1 Running X and GL games without setuid

If you only run the X and GL versions of Quake, QuakeWorld or Quake II, you don't need to run them with root permissions. SVGA is the only mode that must be run as root. The X versions just need access to /dev/dsp, the sound device. The GL versions need access to the 3Dfx card as well as to /dev/dsp.

/dev/dsp needs to be readable and writeable by Quake. Most distributions give it 662 (rw-rw--w-) permissions by default. The simplest solution is to just chmod 666 /dev/dsp. On most systems, the ability to read from the sound device will not pose a significant security threat. If this approach is unacceptable for your system, create a group that owns /dev/dsp and make your Quake players members of that group.

You need the /dev/3dfx driver from Daryll Strauss' glide page ( http://glide.xxedgexx.com/3DfxRPMS.html) in order run glide applications (like GLQuake) non-root. Download the Device3Dfx.xxx.rpm package and install according to the instructions on the web page. After you've installed the driver, make sure /dev/3dfx has 666 permissions (chmod 666 /dev/3dfx).

When /dev/dsp and /dev/3dfx are properly set up, you can remove the setuid bit from your Quake/QW/Q2 executables. Just do (as root) chmod 0755 XXXXX, where XXXXX is either glquake, quake.x11, or quake2.

If you've been playing as root prior to making these changes, many of your Quake files (like savegames) may be owned by root and inaccessible to a normal user, so remember to change the files' ownership before you attempt to play the game non-root.

6.2 Running SVGA and GL games from X **

The GLX Quakeworld and Quake II clients are native X applications, but since they use Mesa rather than the 3Dfx mini-driver, they're slower than the lib3dfxgl.so versions. For this reason, you may still favor this way of starting games from X over using the GLX clients.

This is based on a Linux Gazette 2 Cent Tip by Joey Hess ( joey@kite.ml.org) The original is at http://www.ssc.com/lg/issue20/lg_tips20.html#squake

Yes, it's possible to run the Quake games from X if you're root, but such behavior is naughty, and you still run the risk of having Quake crash and leave the console unresponsive. With a little work you can make it possible for a regular user to run SVGA and GL Quake from X AND automatically switch back to X when the program is finished, regardless of whether it exited normally or not.

Note: when I say "Quake" in the text below, I really mean "quake, glquake squake, qwcl, glqwcl, qwcl.x11 or quake2".

  • First, you'll need the open(1) package by Jon Tombs. This is a set of two very small programs that allow you to switch between virtual consoles and start programs on them. Download open from http://sunsite.unc.edu/pub/Linux/utils/console/. You shouldn't have to do much more than make;make install to compile and install it. Once it's installed, you need to make the open and switchto executables setuid root. So do this:
         cd /usr/local/bin
         chown root open switchto
         chmod 4755 open switchto
  • Next, save the following code to a file called getvc.c:
            /* getvc.c
             * Prints the number of the current VC to stdout. Most of this code
             * was ripped from the open program, and this code is GPL'd
             * Joey Hess, Fri Apr  4 14:58:50 EST 1997
             #include <sys/vt.h>
             #include <fcntl.h>
             main () {
               int fd = 0;
               struct vt_stat vt;
               if ((fd = open("/dev/console",O_WRONLY,0)) < 0) {
                 perror("Failed to open /dev/console\n");
               if (ioctl(fd, VT_GETSTATE, &vt) < 0) {
                 perror("can't get VTstate\n");
             /* End of getvc.c */

    Compile it and install it somewhere in your $PATH:
         gcc getvc.c -o getvc
         strip getvc
         mv getvc /usr/local/bin
  • Now create a script called runvc: your $PATH:
         # Run something on a VC, from X, and switch back to X when done.
         # GPL Joey Hess, Thu, 10 Jul 1997 23:27:08 -0400
         exec open -s -- sh -c "$* ; chvt `getvc`"

    Make it executable and put it somewhere in your $PATH:
         chmod 755 runvc
         mv runvc /usr/local/bin
    Now you can use the runvc command to start Quake. Continue to use whatever command line you usually use to start your game, but put runvc at the beginning:
         runvc ./quake2 +set vid_ref gl +connect quake.foo.com
    You'll automatically switch to a VC, run Quake and then switch back to X when it's done!

6.3 Keeping the mouse inside the window in X

From the Quake II readme.linux file:

By default, the mouse will not be 'tied' to the Quake2 window. To cause Quake2 to grab the mouse, select 'Windowed Mouse' from the video menu, or type '_windowed_mouse 0' at the console. Do the reverse to release it. You can bind keys to grab and release the mouse in the console, like so: bind i "_windowed_mouse 1" bind o "_windowed_mouse 0" Then "i" will grab the mouse and "o" will release it.

6.4 3Dfx "tweak" settings work in Linux too

You may have seen or heard mention of ways to "tweak" Quake's OpenGL performance by setting various environment variables. These variables are equally valid under Linux. You just set them slightly differently. If a Windows/DOS "tweak" guide tells you to:


Under Linux, do it like this:

     export SST_GRXCLK=59

6.5 The Poor Man's Server Browser

Joe S. ( jszabo@eden.rutgers.edu) suggests:

     a trick I do with qstat:
     I make a file of my favorite servers, then do
     qstat -f /C/quake2/file.txt | less

hit control z to suspend, then copy the ip address or hostname I want with gpm to a command line like:

     ./quake2 +connect expert.eqclans.com
Then I can use fg to go back to the list later...

6.6 Using lib3dfxgl.so for Quake I **

You can use the 3Dfx mini-driver (lib3dfxgl.so) from Quakeworld or Quake II with glquake too. Simply copy the glqwcl.3dfxgl or quake2.3dfxgl scripts to a new file, say glquake.3dfxgl. Then edit the glquake.3dfxgl script so it runs glquake instead of glqwcl. The same restrictions about running as root apply here, as do the differences between running under glibc and libc5. See the Quakeworld or Quake II sections for more information on lib3dfxgl.so.

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