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1. Introduction

Quake, QuakeWorld and Quake II are tremendously popular 3D action games developed by id Software.

If you're not familiar with the Quake games, there are better places than this HOWTO to learn about the basics. See section Other Sources of Information below for a list of some of these better places.

This document assumes you have Linux up and running, and in some cases the X Window System as well. X is not required to run these games, but it's a nice way to test a basic installation. If you are not running X, you may safely skip over any references to it.

Sections of this document that were updated in the last revision have a ** after the section heading. Sections updated in the revision prior to the last are marked with a ++.

1.1 Feedback,Comments, Corrections

This document certainly does not contain everything there is to know about Linux Quake. With your help, though, we can bring it closer to that ideal. We want this HOWTO to be as complete and accurate as possible, so if you notice mistakes or omissions, please bring them to our attention.

Questions, comments, or corrections should be sent to Bob Zimbinski ( bobz@mr.net) or Mike Hallock ( mikeh@medina.net). Constructive criticism is welcome. Flames are not.

1.2 Acknowledgments **

The original version of this document was written by Brett A.Thomas (quark@baz.com) and Mike Hallock (mikeh@medina.net). Bob Zimbinski (bobz@mr.net) rewrote and expanded the original document.

Special thanks to the following people for bringing us Quake for Linux:

Thanks to the following people for contributions to this Howto:

1.3 Other Sources of Information

Linux-Specific Quake Information **

General Quake Information

Linux Gaming Information

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