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5. Data Conversion

5.1 MakeDoc

One short-coming of the Palm OS device's built-in memo program is that it does not deal well with large documents. To compensate for this, Rick Bram wrote Doc, a document reader for the Palm OS device. (See http://www.concentric.net/~rbram/doc.shtml). Documents can be converted to the Doc format with MakeDoc, by Pat Beirne.

Installing MakeDoc

MakeDoc can be downloaded from http://www.concentric.net/~rbram/makedoc7.cpp. Compile it with your C++ compiler and install the resulting executable as ``makedoc'' in a directory in your search path. There seems to be a small bug in makedoc (version 0.7a) in that it does not output a newline as the last character displayed to the user. This does not seem to affect the resulting document file, but it is annoying.

Using MakeDoc

Use MakeDoc as follows:

makedoc data.txt data.prc "Data to display with Doc"
This will create a file data.prc, which can be installed on your Palm OS device with pilot-xfer. The text "Data to display with Doc" will be displayed in the directory of documents that Doc manages.

The syntax for MakeDoc is as follows:

makedoc [-n] [-b] <text-file> <prc-file> <story-name>
makedoc -d [-b] <prc-file> <text-file>

The file that you wish to convert.


The name of the resulting file. (End the name with ``.prc''.)


The name you want displayed in the Doc or Jdoc directory of documents.

There are also options to decode the resulting .prc file and manage various compression options.

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