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2. General Information

2.1 Hardware Installation

Palm OS devices come with a ``cradle'' for exchanging data with the desktop computer. This device is actually a serial cable with a custom holder for the Palm OS devices and an integrated `HotSync' button. Plug your cradle into a spare serial port on your computer. When you run each of the stand-alone programs, you will need to place your Palm OS device in the cradle and push the `HotSync' button so the Palm OS device knows that it has to communicate. If the Palm OS device happens to be off when the button is pushed, it will turn itself on.

For convenience, create a device, /dev/pilot which will be an alternate name for the serial port to which your Palm OS device cradle is connected. As the root user, enter the following at the shell prompt:

ln /dev/ttyS0 /dev/pilot
Replace ttyS0 with the name of the port to which you connected your Palm OS device's cradle.

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