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5.2. Mailing List

Look at the mailing list archivs, whether your problem is already known. Since August 1999 it the archiv is located at Linux-IrDA mailing list archiv http://www.pasta.cs.UiT.No/mailman/listinfo/linux-irda . All mails before are archived at http://www.ita.chalmers.se/~svinto/hypermail/irda/ .

As a last ressort ask in the Linux-IrDA mailing list. You may subscribe at Linux-IrDA mailing list http://www.pasta.cs.UiT.No/mailman/listinfo/linux-irda . You are welcome to use this mailing list for posting questions, answers, bug-reports, patches, suggestions and comments. It would be much easier to help you if you provide some information. Please include:

uname -a
cat /proc/net/irda/irlan
cat /proc/net/irda/irlap