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4.2. Hardware Surveys

There are some surveys about Linux and infrared capable devices in the WWW:

  • The Linux/IrDA Project - Hardware Survey http://irda.sourceforge.net

  • Takahide Higuchi at http://www.pluto.dti.ne.jp/~thiguchi/ir/product.html .This page is in Japanese.

  • I have also set up a IrDA hardware survey at MobiliX . This list also contains information about infrared capable devices which are not mentioned here (mice, printers, remote control, transceivers, etc.). To make this hardware survey more valuable it is necessary to collect more information about the infrared devices in different hardware. You can help by sending me a short e-mail containing the exact name of the hardware you have and which type of infrared controller is used. Please let me also know how well Linux/IrDA worked, at which tty, port and interrupt it works and the corresponding infrared device (e.g. printer, cellular phone) you use. You can also help by contributing detailed technological information about some infrared devices, which is necessary to develope an according driver for Linux.