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4. Noise Reduction

Most of the noise emitted by a computer is produced by the fan, the harddisk and the speakers.

4.1 Fan

  • libsensors0 is a library to read temperature/voltage/fan sensors
  • lm-sensors "Kernel drivers to read temperature/voltage/fan sensors. This is a module for reading the temperature/voltage/fan sensors in Linux via the LM78/79 chip and possibly sensors on the SMBus (System Management Bus, usually found in P6 and P-II systems). The LM80 and a LM78-clone called W83781D are also supported." http://www.lm-sensors.nu/
  • ACPI, see APM chapter

4.2 Harddisk

The noise of the hard disk can be very disturbing, see man hdparm to reduce the spin of the disk.

4.3 Speakers

For the console setterm -blength 0 and for X xset b off turns the bell off. See also PCMCIA-HOWTO, and much more details in the Visible-Bell-mini-Howto by Alessandro Rubini.

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