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1. Introduction

This document gives you an overview of the Apache web server and related projects. Apache is the most popular server on the Internet. New Apache users, specially those coming from a Windows background, are often unaware of the possibilities of Apache, useful addons and, more in general, how everything works together. This document aims to show a general picture of such possibilities with a brief description of each one and pointers for further information. The information has been gathered from many sources, including projects' web pages, conference talks, mailing lists, Apache websites and my own hands-on experience. Full credit is given to these authors. Without them and their work this document would not have been possible or necessary.

Disclaimer: I work for Covalent. We provide products and support services for the Apache webserver, and I mention some of them here, as I do for our competitors and similar open source projects.

If you find typos, errors or you have suggestions for improvement or comments, please let me know so I can correct the document.

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