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1. Introduction.

This document was originally an appendix to the HAM-HOWTO, but grew too large to be reasonably managed in that fashion. This document describes how to install and configure the native AX.25, NetRom and Rose support for Linux. A few typical configurations are described that could be used as models to work from.

The Linux implementation of the amateur radio protocols is very flexible. To people relatively unfamiliar with the Linux operating system the configuration process may look daunting and complicated. It will take you a little time to come to understand how the whole thing fits together. You will find configuration very difficult if you have not properly prepared yourself by learning about Linux in general. You cannot expect to switch from some other environment to Linux without learning about Linux itself.

1.1 Changes from the previous version

        Joerg Reuters Web Page
        "More Information" section
        ax25ipd configuration.

        Changed pty's to a safer range to prevent possible conflicts
        Updated module and ax25-utils versions.

        Fix up the SCC section, this is probably wrong.
        Expand on the programming section.

1.2 Where to obtain new versions of this document.

The best place to obtain the latest version of this document is from a Linux Documentation Project archive. The Linux Documentation Project runs a Web Server and this document appears there as the AX25-HOWTO. This document is also available in various formats from the sunsite.unc.edu ftp archive.

You can always contact me, but I pass new versions of the document directly to the LDP HOWTO coordinator, so if it isn't there then chances are I haven't finished it.

1.3 Other related documentation.

There is a lot of related documentation. There are many documents that relate to Linux networking in more general ways and I strongly recommend you also read these as they will assist you in your efforts and provide you with stronger insight into other possible configurations.

They are:


the NET-3-HOWTO,

the Ethernet-HOWTO,


the Firewall-HOWTO

More general Linux information may be found by reference to other Linux HOWTO documents.

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